We’d like to call ourselves the designers of the future. The modern way of consumption need to be reinvented, with reusable systems, everything is possible!

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About 90% of the world’s ocean plastic comes from 10 rivers in the world, 8 of which are in Asia; many of these Asian markets lack appropriate infrastructure to handle waste streams. 

Our aim is to solve the ocean plastic problem at the source. We focus on creating a brighter future for our planet through reducing single-use plastics by introducing a deposit system to our products. 

Cupable is India's first brand that designs, manufactures and recycles drinkware that is good for our planet. We believe we can end single use packaging in our lifetime, together. We build technology enabled systems that produce reusable products that are trackable and can be linked back to our Reusable Centres to be washed and reused. We aim to create a sustainable and circular economy for the future

There will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050, if we dont change the world, then who will?

Waste Management

Waste is a millennial concept. What if whatever we use never sees the end?

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