The future of how we consume

Transitioning into a Circular Economy from a Linear Model!

The unintended consequences of our addiction to single-use packaging are here. It is important to urgently move from disposable to reusable solutions at mass scale. But we can’t do it if we ask people to sacrifice, and with a durable design, we don’t need to.

We envision the future of how we consume as a place where we receive higher quality, better-designed products, that we can “throw in a bin” when they are finished with no cleaning, no sorting, and no hassle. But instead of that bin being a trash or recycling bin, it’s a cupable reuse bin, where everything is cleaned and goes around again and again.


The future is not just about sustainability, it’s about a better life, where we can access breakthrough sustainability unconsciously.

We cast votes every day, with our money, for the future we want. Cast that vote for products that are regenerative and circular, instead of destructive and linear, and share our dream - that one day we can look back on the concept of waste as an anomaly that we are grateful to have moved beyond.